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Why Choose a Local Accounting Firm?

If you enjoy a challenging and rewarding work environment that will provide you with the opportunity to work alongside many of the communities leading people and companies, Brammer & Yeend would love to talk with you. We aren’t your typical accountants. We don’t just take orders and process tax returns. We work closely as trusted advisors to growing companies and their management. Every day is different and new challenges and opportunities are always presenting themselves.

The accounting profession has a great deal going for it including good pay, challenging work and unlimited opportunities for advancement. Further, clients view their accountants as one of their most trusted advisers. Our ideal team member has strong problem solving skills, a solid work ethic, dependability, and the ability to work effectively in a team environment. We look for these qualities as we interview potential employees.

When you accept a position with Brammer & Yeend, we commit to helping you succeed. Schools provide concepts, tools and methodologies for solving problems and developing thinking skills, but actual work provides the context. We, as practitioners, present the technical as well as the non-technical aspects of practice, such as relationship building, supervising and mentoring, and servicing client needs. We expose new employees to services other than tax returns and audits, to show our field’s range and give them a closer look at actual practice.

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