2018 Smart Money Strategies – Part 1

The start of a new year is all about resolutions right? Whether your resolution is to workout more, eat better, clear up your busy calendar or clean up your finances, many use the new year as an opportunity to hit the refresh button on their life. Studies have shown...... Read More

IRS Releases Updated Withholding Tables for 2018

As anticipated, the IRS has released the first of several steps to update withholding accuracy in light of the passage of the new tax legislation last month. On January 11, the IRS announced the release of updated withholding tables for employers to follow in Notice 1036. The new withholding...... Read More

Overview of New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)

The recently enacted Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) is a sweeping tax package. Here’s a look at some of the more important elements of the new law that have an impact on individuals. Unless otherwise noted, the changes are effective for tax years beginning in 2018 through 2025....... Read More

7 Tax Moves to Evaluate Before Year End

New tax legislation has been a looming possibly for the majority of 2017, with some new plans even coming to a vote in the latter part of the year. Nevertheless, taxpayers should focus their year-end tax planning around current legislation, since the proposals may undergo major changes before anything...... Read More

How to Avoid the W-2 Email Scam in Your Business

The IRS recently announced a warning to the nations’ businesses regarding another scam, this time targeted at W-2 forms. The last several years have seen an increase in a W-2 email scam that threatens personal tax information and the IRS is seeking to alert payroll and human resources associates...... Read More

New Developments in the Republican Tax Bill

Amidst much discussion and disagreement regarding the future of the tax code, the Republican Party pushed back the initial release of their updated tax bill. Just a few days later, the most recent version was provided and below are 12 major changes that would impact most taxpayers: Decreasing the...... Read More

5 Tax Filing Mistakes to Avoid

Taxes are usually a blip on the radar each spring for most taxpayers, but many cannot expect to have taxes taken out by their employer and call it a day. There are a variety of different life scenarios that may affect your tax bill and deductions, and the end...... Read More

5 Major Ways the GOP’s New Tax Plan Will Alter the Tax Code

Since the GOP’s first attempt at shifting the current tax code was shot down in Congress, they have released another, broader tax framework. This new plan has several components Congress will need to hash out before voting on a finalized plan, but taxpayers of all income levels are likely...... Read More

How to Effectively Protect Your Identity After Equifax

As many as 143 million Americans may have been affected by Equifax’s major data breach earlier this year, though the company has yet to divulge specifics about the individuals who were impacted. Since no one can say with certainty who was or was not affected, any individual with credit...... Read More

12 Facts You Should Be Aware of About Social Security

A large majority of the American people are recipients of Social Security (SS) at some level, yet many do not grasp the scope and value of the program, which can lead to frustration and confusion when the benefits begin to roll in. In the endeavor to limit discontent or...... Read More
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