5 Major Ways the GOP’s New Tax Plan Will Alter the Tax Code

Since the GOP’s first attempt at shifting the current tax code was shot down in Congress, they have released another, broader tax framework. This new plan has several components Congress will need to hash out before voting on a finalized plan, but taxpayers of all income levels are likely...... Read More

How to Effectively Protect Your Identity After Equifax

As many as 143 million Americans may have been affected by Equifax’s major data breach earlier this year, though the company has yet to divulge specifics about the individuals who were impacted. Since no one can say with certainty who was or was not affected, any individual with credit...... Read More

12 Facts You Should Be Aware of About Social Security

A large majority of the American people are recipients of Social Security (SS) at some level, yet many do not grasp the scope and value of the program, which can lead to frustration and confusion when the benefits begin to roll in. In the endeavor to limit discontent or...... Read More

In the Wake of Hurricane Harvey, IRS Cautions Against Fraudulent Charity Scams

  When a disaster affects our nation, watching the American people support, encourage and rally around one another is an amazing and heartwarming sight. While many people reveal the more wholesome side of America, many others view disasters as a time to take advantage of those affected. In the...... Read More

Common Retirement Misconceptions to Avoid

The Big “R”, retirement, seems to be a constant area of worry and anxiety across generations, from Millennials who worry they will never be able to retire to Boomers who are now wondering if what they’ve saved will suffice for their future. Below are five top misconceptions regarding retirement...... Read More

4 Important “Money Talk” Topics to Have with Your Kids

Money can often be a sensitive topic between families, but it is a necessary discussion that parents should address with their children to avoid potential confusion or financial burdens when they are gone. To properly prepare the next generation to manage their wealth, it is vital to discuss finances...... Read More

Lending Changes Could Shift Mortgage Market

Two Lending Changes and How They Could Shift the Mortgage Market Summer is a time for new growth and changes, and the mortgage market this summer is not wanting of such developments. Two recent lending changes go into effect this month and could certainly help millions in qualifying for...... Read More

Healthcare Hurdles and Upcoming Tax Reform

Setbacks for the ACA (Affordable Care Act) While changes will undoubtedly be made to our current healthcare system, the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare has undeniably faced significant setbacks. To be certain, healthcare is not a minor issue to address, and took the Obama administration nearly a year...... Read More

Top Investing Excuses and How to Overcome Them

What comes to mind when you hear the word investing? Fear? Confusion? Frustration? For many, investing their hard earned money seems like a daunting and intimidating process filled with many unknowns. Without a doubt, investing involves patience and a willingness to learn some key principles, but it does not...... Read More

How to Fund Your Small Business in 5 Steps

Everyone has a talent or an idea they think might be worthy of creating into a business. Some individuals have always had the entrepreneurial spirit, and others are simply looking for ways to get out of the corporate grind and make money doing so. Whether you’re a millennial looking...... Read More
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